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3/1/2021 11:06:40 PM

With them going in to tune ability regen for pvp, it's critical that they properly tune the ability heavy skill trees to function better.

As a simple example, let's take top tree striker. It's got a powerful charged melee and another perk to grant it an extra grenade and grenade effect duration. With an ability recharge nerf, everything it brings to the table will be crippled because everything it does as a skill tree is based around it's abilities. If so...why would I bother using it over bottom tree striker, which has passive bonuses? See what I'm getting at? I know they said that they plan to look into the light subclasses to bump them up, but unless they plan to full on rework the ability heavy ones, or make their abilities more lethal...I can't say that I can view this direction as something positive. Some weapons are ALREADY so oppressive as is with how they purposefully direct weapon meta's that taking abilities out of the equation is just going to make those even bigger outliers even worse, because now we can't engage a gun fight with a grenade or stop a push with the threat of a powerful or effective melee because they decided to crank up the regen times. Abilities shake up the sandbox in ways that make it's potential greater and d2 steering away from one shot abilities (mostly) has kept them in a balanced enough state DESPITE how fast SOME builds can make them recharge. Stasis being as powerful as it is...and likely being the reason they are even looking into this in the first place...needs to be toned down so that it falls in line with our other light abilities that don't score free multi kills every time you push a button or 2. Please be careful with how you handle the pvp sandbox. I don't want more special weapon focused gameplay than it already is.

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