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Incurso Clan Recruitment

Incurso is recruiting dedicated, active and friendly players to come join us for end game activities. We love raiding and having fun in the process, we also enjoy helping members and friends with their goals and what they want to achieve within the game. If you think you'd like to join us have an of the following two requirements or message us. 50 total raid clears 1 raid title Conqueror title 1 flawless raid (We know clears don't equal skill, if you are low on the requirements and would like to join us just message us or join the discord and have a chat with us about it.) We also ask that you are 18+ (or at least act mature) and that you're willing to join the discord. For joining the clan message L0ST Skull on Xbox or comment on this post (the o is a zero in my gt)

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