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1/19/2021 12:25:46 PM


[b]Welcome to Lord Farquad Cabal Squad![/b] We are an active and light hearted clan that wants to fill our ranks with happy individuals no matter what your light level is. We are looking to build an active community amongst our discord where anyone contribute. [b][i]So.... Whether you seek a princess, a magic mirror or a fire breathing dragon we are the clan for YOU!![/i][/b] [b]Below are just a few of the reasons to join...[/b] - We have a Discord set-up to orginise events and clan happenings. - We have raids frequently amongst clan members. - We also have raid competent admins and members looking to guide others through raids and difficult activities - We have some decent crucible players. - We have same great gambit invaders. - We vary from casual players to sweats. [b](All are welcome)[/b] [b]There are only 3 Requirements...[/b] - Must be 18+ - Must have a mic - Must join our discord [b]So if this sounds at all interesting to you send me a direct message on here (Bungie) or PSN then one of our admins will send you a link to the discord. Once joined, you will be accepted to the clan. [/b] [i][b]Welcome to Duloc home of Lord Farquad![/b][/i] [b]yakbasher (PSN)[/b]

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