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1/19/2021 6:13:24 AM

[PC] Destiny's B*tch|Active Community|Raiding|GM's|End Game|Friendly Sherpas|Open to Newbies and Veterans| 200+ Discord Members

[b]Destiny’s Bit*h[/b] is a server home to 3 clans, the majority of our members focus on PVE content. However we have members who also love PvP. This being considered weekly you can find us raiding, doing GM’s, and sometimes even doing Low Man and Flawless Raids! Our admin team achieved a day one when DSC dropped, and we hope to expand our knowledge to help others achieve day one in the next few raid drops! [quote][u][b]Things you can Expect From our Clans and Server;[/b][/u] • A warm discord community full of awesome and engaging people! • Active members who are willing to help with content. • Weekly Giveaways! • Monthly Server Events! • Sherpa’s for all PvE content. (PvP Sherpas a bit more limited) • Bots like Charlemagne, Rythm, Arcane and more! • LGBTQ+ Friendly! • Fun![/quote] [quote][u][b]What we Expect From you Joining our Discord and Clans;[/b][/u] • Our only age requirement follows suit with Discords TOS (13+). • You need to be in the discord to join one of our clans. [url][/url] • Respect other members. • Our Clans are only open to only PC members at the moment. • Most of all we want all members to have a great time in our server, if anything prohibits that feel free to message an admin![/quote] [quote][b]Our Clans[/b] •VΣXUAL HEALING [b](NEW!!)[/b] [url][/url] •VΣXUALLY CONFUSED [url][/url] •THE LAWLESS FEW [url][/url] [i]All of our clans require you to join our discord server[url][/url] Follow the link and post in #join-clans to get started![/i] [/quote]

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