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1/7/2021 8:55:03 AM

Can Destiny be saved ?

It's a genuine question. With the state of the game, it's one bad season away from dying, in my opinion. [b]INTRODUCTION[/b] People are just not having fun anymore. I know I don't. I've been playing Destiny since the first Beta and during D1 I almost never took a break from the game. But during D2 I take brakes almost every season because it's just fun the first few weeks and then there is nothing to do. [b]STATE OF THE WORLD[/b] Season of the Hunt is, in my opinion, the worst season ever. And I know that Bungie is doing the best they can and that COVID is making it really hard for them. But I don't think they are handling it the right way. Making new QUALITY content doesn't seems possible in the current situation. So just don't make new content. Let me explain my point of view. What player wants is fun and feel rewarded for the time the put in this game. They want to chase something, a god roll, the perfect armor with the perfect points distribution, a fun build they saw on a Youtube video, etc... At the moment, [b]the biggest problem is Sunsetting with the current economy[/b]. It's just to expensive for the average player to masterwork armor if they can only keep it for 1 year max. I'm not against Sunsetting. I understand perfectly why they do it and I support that. I'm sure they wanted to create enough new content to balance the Sunsetting but weren't able to do so because of the current situation. So how can they keep use engage without new content? [b]SOLUTION[/b] [b]BOOST EVERY DROP RATE FOR EVERY MATERIALS IN EVERY PLAYLIST[/b] Make us play like crazy to farm Shards and Prisms, to allow us to masterwork everything and make fun builds and want to redo old content with those builds. That will keep us playing because it is rewarding. When people are the more engaged is when a loot cheese is discovered and everybody wants to do it. There is a reason to that. Use this information to keep us during this difficult period. It doesn't require you making new content. [b]CONCLUSION[/b] This not a solution to every issues, just a solution for the game during COVID in order to give enough time to Bungie to create good and polished content like we know they can do. We can criticize and shit as much as we want on them but everybody have to admit that Destiny has the best Gun experience out of any game out there and that when the game is good OMG it is god level fun. So let's be patient and give them time as long as they do a step in our direction. I really want to have people feedback on that if you feel the same way.

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