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1/6/2021 1:19:25 PM

Descendant and Splintered Pins erroneous dates

I notice that the Descendant redeemable code for the pin cannot be redeem and stated that we had to redeem it on December 31, 2020. But the missing raid challenges for the Deep Stone Crypt started on December 15, 2020 so it can't possibly end on December 31, 2020. This week (Tuesday January 5, 2021 reset day in Destiny 2) mark the final raid weekly challenge and many people(including myself!) earn the Title Descendant so that we can obtain the code to purchase the Descendant pin!. Also the splintered pin shares the same mistaken date(12/31/2020) to redeem the code in order to obtain the pin(Note that the splintered seal have some time gated triumphs that where mostly obtainable in this weekly reset). I know this is not something mayor but some people and myself real look forward to get this pins to add to our collection!. If you can spread thr word I shall most appreciated!.

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