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The local math metal weeb alt

Minecraft hates me

- I cannot for the life of me find a fortune enchantment. I need more diamonds! - I found a vein of like 7 diamonds and half of them fell into lava... along with me. - Illager raid horn noises are way too loud. Makes my headset rattle. - Dropped item despawn time is short. A creeper blew up my house and blew up my one chest. I didn’t pick up it’s items and they all despawned. - Silk Touch is more of a curse than a blessing- er enchantment. - Netherite strip mining is boring. I’m digging at 8 depth and have gotten nothing. Other than that I’m having fun on the server. Thinking on building an automatic sugar cane farm later today. [spoiler]I hate myself. Just thew away my enchanted diamond sword.[/spoiler]
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