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12/19/2020 10:52:58 PM

An open letter to those who have been here since last year

I’ll keep this brief. [spoiler]Hi and thanks. No, I mean it. OT has given me a nice little social outlet. I’ve meet y’all and y’all have made me chuckle more than the entirety of middle school. Big thanks to the gang at OGN; Pizza Boy, Neko, Acro, Beast/Crowley, Loot, Sham, LZ, Forklift, Harro, etc. I’ve always wanted to be part of a group “epic gamers,” and it looks like I’ve found it :P[/spoiler] So... yeah I’ll just get off my soap box now. [i]Also, could someone explain to me why I sound like a “classical music” person, and yet like a metal head at the same time? @OGN [/i]
#Offtopic #ion #OGN

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