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Bearbeitet von DarthKaurl: 12/9/2020 8:17:13 AM

PS5 Store download issues

Hi all , I hope you all are having some luck getting back online , I am having a problem just downloading it . I had D2 on ps4 via external hard drive which I'm now using on the ps5. I tried to upgrade as stated and the download button just blacks out and then I get a message "can't connect to the server within the time limit". I have now deleted the ps4 and tried the ps5 straight , still the same I can however download to the ps4 version no problems along with any other game , I haven't seen this issue anywhere else , has anyone had this issue and managed to resolve it ? , I have like most of you have the whole new expansion and game pass purchased so to not be able to even get to play it is really frustrating . Good luck and thanks in advance

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