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Bearbeitet von tantanuki: 12/7/2020 5:15:00 AM

Way of the Wraith perk buff?

I would like to see Shattering Strike have an effect where if the target does not die from a regular melee knife stab while you have Flawless Execution proc, it will put you back into invisibility (but not extend Flawless Execution). I think this minor adjustment would help survivability for when you are surrounded, and would also help maintain the flow of stab-n-move on (hopefully having your teammates clean up the debuffed enemy). Also helps you have a fighting chance escaping big enemies that can ground pound or ravage you before you can get away... Overall, I think the bigger issue, mainly in PvE, is being in a high stress situation where having to proc Flawless Execution when there are no ads around. If only there was an ability on Way of The Wraith that wasnt reliant on Flawless Execution, besides the sh*tty excuse of a damaging smoke bomb.

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