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[BNG] PC FPS Issues Megathread - UPDATE Jan. 29

Hey, community. [url=]We're currently investigating FPS issues on PC[/url]. [quote]UPDATES [quote][b]January 29, 2021[/b] We have looked over the data post 3.0.2 launch: -- High-end users saw big improvements: we're about halfway back to pre-Beyond Light perf. -- Mid-range systems didn't see much improvement. -- Low-end and laptops didn't see much improvement. We're continuing to investigate and look for solutions toward better performance. [/quote] [quote][b]January 19, 2021[/b] We released[url=] Update 3.0.2[/url] that optimized Lighting on PC GPUs to help increase performance. -- Many folks have mentioned [b]turning off the Shader Cache in the NVIDIA Control Panel[/b]. Does this help with performance?[/quote] [quote][b]December 14, 2020[/b] We believe we found a few issues related to light probes that have led to GPU performance degradation. We're still investigating and hope to have a resolution in January.[/quote][/quote] Please use this thread to help us track down what is causing the issue by: [quote][b]1[/b]. Posting when and where you are having FPS issues in the game [b]2[/b]. Quitting out of all open apps and browsers while playing to see if there are any improvements [b]3[/b]. Posting your PC specs with your DxDiag by following the instructions in the spoiler tag [spoiler][quote]• Press (Windows Key + R) to bring up the Run dialog box, enter this command “dxdiag” without quotation marks. • Click on “Save all information”. • Copy the text and use a text dump website (i.e. [url=][/url]) to paste the information. Please don't use Google Drive, Dropbox, or another similar service. • Create a link and post it here with your PC specs[/quote][/spoiler][/quote] Additionally, below are some suggestions that may help FPS issues: [quote][b]1.[/b] [url=]Verify the integrity of your game files[/url] in the Steam app. [b]2.[/b] [url=]Remove your CVARS.xml[/url] file. [b]3.[/b] Try lowering your graphics settings, capping your FPS, lowering your FOV, and changing your Window Mode to Windowed. [b]4.[/b] Turn VSYNC on and/or off. [b]5.[/b] Lower the clockspeed of your GPU. [b]6.[/b] Lower your hz on your monitor. [b]7.[/b] [url=]Remove the Windows Gamebar[/url]. [b]8.[/b] [url=]Edit your Radeon Gaming Settings and Shader Cache[/url] if you use a AMD Radeon card or Reset/Optimize your game's graphic settings if you use NVIDIA GeForge Experience [b]9.[/b] Check your CPU cooler/fan to see if it's having issues or needs an update. [b]10.[/b] [url=]Manually specify that Destiny 2 should use your GPU in your PC Graphic Settings[/url]. [b]11.[/b] [url=]Go into Windows Audio Settings and change it to 16 bit, 44100 Hz (CD Quality)[/url]. [b]12.[/b] Use your laptop's Power cable. [b]13.[/b] Disable ALL non-100% essential background apps/services. [b]14.[/b] Disable any CPU/RAM overclock in the BIOS/UEFI. [b]15.[/b] Reduce mouse polling rate to 500ms or below [b]16.[/b] Turn SLI GPUBoost Sync to "No" if you have that option. [/quote]

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