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Destiny 2

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11/30/2020 12:24:18 AM
The only place to do anything is Europa and the Tower. The lack of things to do makes me feel like a child trapped inside a metal box. And the grind is obnoxious, it's long and unbearable. I can't go anywhere because I get run over by four stacks on Gambit and six stacks on Control. There's barely any strikes. So, let's just move the Last Safe City to Europa and take their "fallen city" by storm. What fun would it be? Since Europa is the only thing that exists. Delete Nessus, bye Failsafe! Delete EDZ, bye old man! Delete Cosmodrome, who is Shaw Han? Eris? Don't know. She can stay on the Moon if she wants. And leave the Traveler at Earth. It's not like the Fallen are going to build a city as great as ours, right? Right?
#europa #destiny2

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