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11/24/2020 7:24:26 PM

Bungie Rewarr Codes and Raid Ring

First off, I'd like to start with my firm belief that Bungie reward codes should NOT disappear before the order deadline. It takes away from people's ability to purchase the merchandise that Bungie provides, and makes it harder for a patron to enjoy their rewards. Now, onto why I'm bringing this up. About 3 or so days ago, I went onto my Bungie Rewards to claim my code for the Raid Ring so that I could purchase it. When I logged onto my rewards account, I realized that the code was no longer there, and that despite the order deadline being December 1st, the code redemption period ended on November 13th. Obviously, now I have no method of acquiring the code, so I can no longer make the purchase, even though I completed the in-game triumph relatively quickly. Does anyone have something I can do to get my code again, or are any of you willing to part with your redeemed code because you don't want the ring? Any and all help would be appreciated, however, I understand that this is a somewhat unimportant topic.

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