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ursprünglich gepostet in: Mountaintop makes crucible a joke
10/28/2020 1:07:09 AM
Shotguns can 1 hit without risk of blowing yourself up. Snipers can one hit and bullet magnetism on certain rifles makes it super easy to make stupid shots. Actually, in most cases Jotunn is actually more cancerous. Sure it has a charge up time, but it is essentially mountaintop with missles that follow you. Gnawing hunger, the summoner, hardlight? I mainly use gnawing. I keep mountaintop on the back and rarely use unless people start doing trashy things. Bastion and arbalest are also 2 that will wreck you in 1 hit. I got most my glory with bastion. You rarely see people use trace rifles, but p. Lens actually wrecks in regular play if used right. (Not just in momentum control) Overall, I'd say there are tons of weapons that outclass mountaintop. Only reason I use it is the fact it's the go to whining for people who want to complain and don't have it.

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