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Bearbeitet von Fiend: 10/25/2020 10:45:54 AM

So where's Balancing Revoker

Yes its being sunset but its still will be oppressive. Plus I'm sure there's will be away to exploit its usage in competitive game modes. Like using charged light mods and more. Why from the start does it return ammo directly back into the magazinesl? It should have always wanted back to reserves. Still breaks the ammo economy especially on a revive as you are given two bullets back and even if you miss you can get them back. Yes special runs rampant and it makes it even worse. You finally decide to hammer down mt and not this baffles me. You can shoot at a barricade to break it and not waste any ammo doing so. Aim assist is also tied towards range so the better range you have the contributing factor of making it even easier to snipe. Which is why everyone wants range as a mw for snipers. Yes you're adjusting low zoom scopes but I bet snipers will still very generous. Give it drop mag and make it return ammo to reserves.

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