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10/26/2020 12:34:31 PM

XBOX - Beyond Light is closing in! Looking for active members with some raid experience! Please read completely below before requesting an invite! Project Terminus

Project Terminus - Looking for experienced raid members! Xbox One Clan Only - Please watch linked video, this explains us completely! Most of us are in our late 20's and 30's. We are not looking to max out the member cap as we have had issues with only certain groups playing with each other all the time and leaving the majority out. If you are in the EST and are active between 7pm-12am during the weekdays and anytime on weekends this clan would be a perfect fit for you. We actively raid with completions, experience and knowledge. You do not have to be an elite to join our ranks. The only things we require is the be active and have the ability to be taught/learn raids or activities. Hand holding will not be acceptable. Too many people not in a clan or unhappy with the one they're in to not give us a shot. What do you have to lose?! What we expect: - To be active and involved with the clan between 7pm-11:30pm EST. (please do not request an invite if this isn't your normal timeframe) - To join posted raid and activities in discord lfg (we post at least 2 raids weekly) - No Hand Holding (we will teach anyone the mechanics of any activity but we expect you to be able to pick up on them and help other clan members do the same) - The only me attitude no accepted (if you only join to get an item or activity complete you need then no one sees you again until you need something else will get you removed from the clan. we frown on this mentality.) What to expect: - Discord environment (mandatory) - Access to active members - LFG system in discord to set up or join events and raids - Absolutely no negativity - No elitist behavior

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