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10/24/2020 11:07:42 PM

Network issues w/ xbox one

Good day, I am having significant connectivity issues with my destiny 2 game experience. I have been playing for about 1 week now, pretty much daily, and through that entire time period, i have repeatedly received the following error codes : Weasel Bee anteater Each is indicated as being a connection issue, and none seem to be made attributed to issues on Bungie's end. To be clear, i have tried to following to troubleshoot the issue: Followed Bungie's self-support guides on networking, advanced networking, network optimization... basically everything that Bungie support/mentors have referenced in other forums posts as well as in the support pages I have also : Switched between Wifi (2.4 and 5ghz) and ethernet direct to the modem. my xbox network status is : Wired IPv4 & IPv6 NAT: OPEN Downstream : 450~500mbps upstream : ~10 mbps latency 30-35 ms packet loss : 0% I am running my router on Upvp mode, but also attempted to manuall port forward, neither resolves the issue new LAN cable Called ISP and had network and signal strength to modem checked and there are no connection issues or outages. The errors occur from every few minutes to every hour or so, and at best, i've been able to run the game online continuously without a boot for no more than about 1 hour, though frequently much less YES, i have rebooted all my hardware, NUMEROUS times Yes, i have followed every bit of troubleshooting i can find both within and without Frankly, its a great game and i'd love to keep playing, but if i cant get this resolved, i'm going to give it up. no other game gives me these sorts of connection issues playing online, and it seems plenty of other users complain about frequent connection issues. If you all have any other suggestions, i'm all ears. i've tried everything short of getting a new modem at this point...
#Help #Networking

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