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10/24/2020 5:18:52 AM

Error Chicken - Good Wifi but game is unplayable

Hi, Can someone pls help me? Every time I try and play destiny 2 it comes up with error chicken when I load in. I don't understand why because i have good Wifi and can play every other game perfectly fine. I have tried bungie's solutions for error chicken but they haven't helped and. I have only played destiny 2 twice before this started happening and i really want to just get back to playing bc destiny 2 is the BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! I am unable to play the game due to this error becuase every time i want to play it comes up with this error message I did a ookla internet speed test and here are the results: Download: 40.55mbps Upload: 19.11mbps Ping: 11ms I'm using a wireless connection Pls Help, Hamish
#Networking #Help

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