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Bearbeitet von imyourblueberry: 10/23/2020 10:19:22 AM

If 150 HCs are better than 140s, shouldn't you just make all 140 HCs 150s?

Isn't that kind of obvious? Hell, you could even leave out the range/damage fall off changes for 150s if you did this, giving 120s and 180s more of purpose in the Crucible. Plus, the rate of fire changes for 110s to 120s would actually look right. 120<150<180 (+30rpm) compared to 120<140<180 (+20 or +40rpm) I'm not even in agreement that any archetype needed to go. I made an entire video showing that you could give each hand cannon a place within the Crucible by just adjusting their damage values. But if we are going to remove anything, you remove the weakest Archetype, not the strongest. Removing 150s [i]forces[/i] players to play in a weaker state, when you should be encouraging them to expand their weapon palette. Just my two cents.

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