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Bearbeitet von Pure Vessel: 10/25/2020 3:28:13 AM

Othercide: funny story for you.

So I'm trying to get a replacement for sincere, my best scythe dancer so far, because she got broken bones from taking a massive beating from reapers and hope breakers during a survival mission. She was very close to death by the end of the little predicament. First one named Celeste became humble (20% xp boost) after her first mission, and then suffered from a trait called "broken" because she couldn't one shot a hate dancer that was buffed on her second. Hopefully Harmony will keep her s--- together if she can't one shot something because this is gonna be a big problem otherwise. Edit: So far Harmony got quick study (30% xp boost) and inquisitor (bonus damage against corrupted daughters). She's off to a great start.

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