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10/22/2020 9:46:58 PM

Hand cannon mistake

So love the idea of merging archetypes and changing rof just you did it backwards it should definitely be 140-150 the slight damage nerf to 600 is pointless when the auto is shooting you from double your range at max hand cannon range to the auto having 50 range or less with no buff needed and a faster ttk at least the 150 could fight it with ttk the 140 can't compete in range or ttk with 600 autos what is this nerf they need a single bullet more it's 600 rpm one bullet is irrelevant. I'm sure by now its already implemented and can't be changed but I wish you guys would've talked sandbox of guns faster if your gunplay feels bad pvp as a whole feels bad. Even if you make all hand cannons 150 600 rpm autos still have too much range their outranging pulses easily. Well see ultimately nothing we can do now but I hope you can get back to this pretty quick with the new engine changes.

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