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Winner. Disple4Christ4

Emperor Chong




[quote]Here the rules are simple. 1. You cannot leave the Arena 2. The match will be decided by a popular vote unless a challenge is issued. 3. To override popular vote or for fun, you can challenge your foe in the comments to any form of RP battle. The judges will decide who is the winner based on your fighting capabilities, how well you fight, and if you fought fair. 4. If you are challenged and are a no show, the Challenger wins automatically regardless of popular vote. 5. The match will be called roughly 24 hours after getting posted, endless a challenge is issued, then it's when the challenge is over. 6. Anything goes so long as it stays within the arena[/quote] [quote]It's Round 1, Match 8: Emperor Chong vs Disiple4Christ4 Which combatant will prevail? Lets find out! Lower the gates![/quote] [spoiler]RIP Emperor Chong. Edit: Dang someone already downvoted this.[/spoiler]
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