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10/23/2020 12:55:21 AM

Masterwork materials.

So first off, I know there are a few ways to get enhancement cores through bounties events and consumables, but there’s only two ways to get enhancement prisms and ascendant shards. I’m also aware that these are rewards for the most challenging activities, like the legend and master nightfalls. But I’m a casual (only hit 1070 with the artifact, last week) and don’t play all day and rarely have time to grind like others due to other obligations. And it’s difficult enough finding other players to assist or at the least carry others through these activities due to power levels. First off, prisms, now I haven’t had a real reason to masterwork my gear cause of cost, (Being I got three characters it gets expensive fast) and the hoops I have to hop through to get materials. Now I can do legend nightfalls with minimal issue, but you only get one every other run. And that it cost 10 core for one prism from banshee and cost up to 3 (I think) to masterwork one pice of gear. 15 for all five and 45 for all characters. (Like I said, expensive). And for the ascendant shards? I can run master, depending on which strike it is and who I’m running with. But the same problem with one every other run. And banshee charges an arm and a leg for just one. So I basically want to know if at any point in future updates, will they change how casual players can obtain prisms and shards?

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