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Bearbeitet von russellxsweat: 10/22/2020 10:08:03 PM

Get ready for another year of AR’s dominating Crucible

Nerfing the bodyshot damage of 600 rpm AR’s is pointless when they retain a 0.7s optimal TTK and the removal of 150’s essentially nerfs optimal handcannon TTK to 0.87s with no forgiveness buff. 110’s (now 120’s) are still only going to have a 1.0s optimal TTK and also received no forgiveness buff. I’m sorry, but DMG of all people saying handcannons felt good in playtesting is probably the last thing that inspires confidence in me. Guess we’ll have to wait til Witch Queen for handcannons to (maybe) be competitive again. I’m not even getting into the glaring omissions like Bastion, Arbalest, or ALL ability tuning... “because stasis” lol. Yeah cool, but at some point I’d like to use Nova Bomb which hasn’t been good at any point in D2. You’d think since we typically only get 1 meaningful sandbox update per year, it would be more substantive than this.

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