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Bearbeitet von Theosyion: 10/23/2020 1:54:31 AM

Rockets and fusions are dead weapon types for pve

After the TWAB it is clear that bungie have no intention to make rockets and fusions remotely viable in PvE content. We barely saw any pve buffs at all which is disappointing but to see these weapons be buried is heart breaking after rockets having such a good legacy in d1. GLs have become such a MAJOR counter to rockets and it’s clear that without an mag increase or new perks to support them, they will stay unused for the rest of the game. Fusions on the other hand have only ever had one good variant in the loaded question but now it’s sunsetting the there is literally no reason to own the weapon type outside of pvp. They do nothing to bosses compared to snipers and shotguns, their ad control is useless with the viability of energy primaries and the power of GLs and they have no good perks to back them up. So I guess we have to wait 3 more months considering mid season sandbox changes RARELY happen. PLEASE HELP THESE GUNS. See you then. Edit: I KNOW about the rockets in the twab. The problem is they will still be useless for ANOTHER season. You need to understand that too many things go untouched for SO long and it’s frustrating to see so many patch notes that ignore heavily underused things. This also asks why we have to wait so long for a change.

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