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10/22/2020 2:02:35 AM

Bungie Account assistance needed: Twitch Prime rewards not at Holliday - BNG HELP REQ'D

This really has no place in a public forum as it is strictly an account based issue that only someone at Bungie who can access my account and it's linkage to Twitch Prime can fix. But there is literally no way to contact anyone about this through the pages where the issue is, so here we are: I have claimed every monthly Twitch Prime reward, but Holliday only has 4 of the 10 packs available for me. The *Partner Rewards* section of my account show last "successful" attachment was Pack 4, April 23rd. I presume this issue is related to the fact I still play and use my D1 account and something with Cross Save/Twitch account linkage is causing this issue, but I should still be able to claim my rewards while still playing and enjoying D1. It is already inconvenient enough that with Twitch linked, you get Tapir errors and it says your D1 characters do not exist. My account is linked to Twitch in my profile settings page. Some communication and a timely fix would be appreciated.

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