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A Secret Weapon Hidden By Rasputin (Exotic Idea)

IKELOS_VR_V1.0.1 (Valkyrie Rifle) [u]High-Impact Frame 110rpm Exotic Kinetic Scout Rifle[/u] [b]Exotic Intrinsic[/b]: [i]"Valkyrie Rounds"[/i] - This weapon can fire miniature javelins (roughly the same size as the spikes that Thorn shoots) that energize as soon as they are fired out of the gun. These Javelins have a very high knock back effect, explode on impact, and pierce through shields. [b]Barrel[/b]: Extended Barrel [b]Magazine[/b]: Steady Rounds [b]Exotic Trait[/b]: [i]"Seraph Explosion"[/i] - Precision final blows with this weapon causes a target to detonate with seraph rounds (overpenetrate and bounce off hard surfaces) in all directions, dealing energy damage matching your subclass to nearby enemies. [b]Stock[/b]: Fitted Stock [b]Catalyst[/b]: Precision hits have a chance to randomly spawn seraph rounds at the targets location. Precision Kills also have chance to spawn warmind cells. [b]Item Descripton[/b]:[i] Subroutine IKELOS: Status = Deactivated. APOTHEOSIS: Status = Inactive......[/i]

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