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10/20/2020 6:08:39 AM

Wrongfully Suspended From Crucible For 2 Months

Hello!Im a long time destiny player,been here since the start of d1.I play on playstation 4 and my psn is Carrygross . Yesterday i logged in to destiny and found a message waiting for me saying i got a suspension from pvp activities (gambit and Crucible)due to an unstable internet connection,for 2 months.I really think it was a wrongful ban and i wanna know if anything can be done to uplift the suspension.I did have a bad connection for few days due to a storm that passed through Greece and our internet connection was unstable for few days.I did get messages from few people saying i should buy new internet as well.After 3-4 days though storm passed and now my connection is stable again.This happened a week ago.Can something be done?Im not cheating or ddosing.I really dont wanna wait 2 months to play destiny again especially since beyond light is arround the corner and i have plans to participate in the day 1 raid and i need the pinnacle gear from those pvp activities.Thank you and appreciate any help!Keep making destiny great :D
#Help #Networking

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