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Unstable Connection warning

I had a huge nice long post written and accidentally clicked the wrong button sending that nicely written post into oblivion, so this one will be short and sweet. Over 4000 hours on destiny 1 and 2. Look up Keegod on time wasted on destiny, I've used the same name as I went from Xbox 360 to Xbox one to PS4 to PC. Not as much time in as other players, but I've never once gotten a warning about my internet connection. Until just now- where I was warned that unless my internet connection becomes stable I'm facing suspension/ban. Here's what has me worried, because I don't want to lose this account that I've put time into, especially just before the new Expansion, and a week after I finally got Luna's howl - My internet connection is fine. Download speed 740Mbps Upload 10-20 Mbps Latency 40-60 ms (To Destiny 2 server according to resource monitor mid game) packet loss 0% (at least from what windows resource monitor is telling me when I'm glancing at it) Open NAT UPnP enabled (No port forwarding because I hear it messes with UPnP) Hardwired into router, modem and router are separate, not a dual combo thing Wavecable ISP Noticed that crucible had a few laggy matches this past week, but I chalked it up to playing with one of my friends overseas - but then I logged in today to a warning. Any suggestions help, already cleared my winsock and flushed my DNS and IP caches, restarted the router and cleaned up the network map. Just wanting to see if anyone else has had this issue and what they did to fix it. Edited to add upload speed. Imgur link to screen cap of speed test ======================= Well, more trouble. Tried playing again today, had resource monitoring up and everything because I got worried about the notice I received, so I was keeping an eye on my connections stats as well as opening the ingame roster to check my connection bar in game and twice out of nowhere from full strength just fine internet I get kicked. Now I'm sitting on a suspension from survival. What the h*ll bungie. I did all your self help things for network optimization, nothing is wrong with my connection, any of my hardware, or my ISP from what I can find from any of the other network tests I did.
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