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Bearbeitet von Decca1705: 10/20/2020 6:54:47 AM
This is a restriction. Not a suspension. The restriction has either been placed following the slightly suspicious competitive matches that were played in your last session on your account (more to follow below) or because you have already ignored a two week restriction and a warning for poor connection. The suspicious matches I mention are an enormous string of victories (not the bad bit) in which you are almost always carrying your team (also not the bad bit) but every other match lasts less than 10 minutes, which would be a strong sign of cheating were they consecutive. If it is due to the latter, which only you will know as you know whether or not you have been restricted before, then the restriction is in place to keep you out of pvp while your team for those matches is investigated. At the end of the investigation, any determined cheating will result in a permanent account ban. Edit: you’ve also got a vast number of suspicious trials wins, IE extremely long strings of sub-10-minute matches that you win. I think this case is solved. Also, you have 3 years Don’t lie about your game time because it will make precisely no difference in this situation.

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