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10/19/2020 8:46:09 PM

PlayStation 4 | EST-PST | Discord | Young Adult Clan | PvE & PvP

*Must message an admin or the founder in order to be considered for the clan.* Consider joining Ace Engima! Why? We're active, personable, diverse, and productive. With us you can look forward to current activities, crucible, raids, private match fun, and so much more. We're looking for chill players who are skilled, teachable, and patient. We're also hoping to recruit those who are very active, sociable, helpful, and heavily into the Destiny activities available to us. ET-PT (timezones) preferred. Use Discord to stay updated, keep in touch, and schedule fireteams too! If you meet our requirements and you've read our clan description, message me with your interest! Requirements:  *Ages 19+  *Have a mic *Use Discord with us *Be active/play Destiny multiple times a week *Stay up to date on content

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