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Ξclıpse [Ξ] // Casual PvP/PvE Clan Looking For New Members Before Beyond Light

Hey there! With Beyond Light fast approaching it might be time for you to start preparations and join a clan if you haven't already, change your clan if your old one is inactive, or you're just looking for a change of scenery. Ξclıpse is a newly formed casual PvP / PvE focused clan recruiting any new or experienced guardians to prepare for the release of Beyond Light in the next couple weeks. While we may be small now we hope to grow our numbers and become a community where we can help each other with anything from Raids to Trials of Osiris to just hanging out in casual gameplay. Unlike most big clans there are no requirements to join, just try to be active when you can! We don't care wether you are PvP, PvE / Endgame focused, or a solo player, all guardians are welcome regardless. Hope to see you in Beyond Light, Cheers [b]To Join : [/b]

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