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10/17/2020 3:50:58 PM

Can't even go in the tower.

I love this game (no sarcasm at all) but hooly the servers are way worse than other games. It's true that i have a weaker internet connection, but this is the only game i have problems with. I cant even enter the tower sometimes because it just takes me back to orbit. I won't even mention pvp because that is impossible to play. A lot of people will probablly hate me for saying those things but destiny 2 is really the worst at matchmaking and providing a stable connection between player and server. I remember playing destiny 2 last year on the same internet, the same laptop, same everything and it wasnt this bad. This will most likely be ignored and nothing will be done about it but if you got any advice on how to improve the experience i'll be glad to try. PS: Sorry for the bad english lol.
#Help #Networking

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