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10/14/2020 7:35:43 PM

Are you looking for people to play Destiny 2 on Stadia with?

[b]FINK's Destiny 2 Stadia Community[/b] Are you a Destiny 2 Stadia player who is looking for people to play with or complete certain activities with a group, but can't seem to find others? Don't look any further, come on over to our Discord server where we have built a D2 Stadia LFG community. We have a [b]growing community[/b] with people always looking for others to play with. We have over 600 members!!! Come be part of our community.  Did you join a very large LFG community, but can't seem to get the help you need? Come over to our community and ask for help or just to play. About Us: -Team oriented atmosphere. -[b]Friendly members[/b], some have been playing since Destiny 1 and some are new. -We do not condone toxicity, so don't worry about coming across a player that yells at you, calls you names, bullies, etc.. If you do come across one, report to our admins and we'll handle the situation. -A supportive network within our community to help you complete certain activities. -Here you can enjoy a stress-free gaming experience; have fun and enjoy being part of this community! -️Highly active and organized! -Weekly Garden of Salvation - we select one random community member to help complete their last Divinity quest step (experience does not matter) We have helped numerous members that have never stepped inside Garden of Salvation and accomplished the objective smoothly. -[b]Community events[/b]; some events have a prize loot. *Join our Discord* [url][/url]

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