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10/11/2020 10:06:55 PM

Ace Enigma | PS4 | Adult Clan | Discord | Endgame-Focused

Looking for a clan that will take you to the next level in Crucible or Raids? Consider joining AcEn! We like to do a bit of everything but we raid and play crucible often. We teach, practice, learn, and grow together. Come enjoy the game in a non-toxic environment that will spring your endgame experiences forward. We're looking for players like us; those who like to learn, teach, win, and succeed. If you are active, sociable, and drawn to Destiny we might just be for you. We're looking for sociable players between Eastern and Pacific timezones. Join us and take advantage of our organized Discord and the fireteam-scheduling features it has. Requirements: *Ages 19+ *Have a mic/headset *Use Discord with us *Play Destiny frequently Interested in joining? Here's what you can do: *Private message an admin to notify us of your interest and let us know if you meet our requirements. *Comment here with the reason you would like to join, times you’re usually online, age, etc. Introduce yourself. *Reply with questions you have that could cover things I haven't mentioned. *Like this post to give us a hand with recruiting. It helps and is appreciated.

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