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Ξ X I L ΞS™ We have over 80 members, the community is new but active and looking forward to the upcoming expansion. We have members from different time zones and we are always looking to grow. Yes the clan is active, but you will only get out what you put in. Join and get involved, create groups, chat and get to know people. We are not offering spoon fed content or carries, we are offering the opportunity to be part of a growing and interactive community. We ask that you be 18+ and follow our clan rules regarding respecinting others and being an excellent member. We appreciate that everyone has a life and we understand that sometimes people need space, but they also need a place to kick back and chill and game with like minded people. Great clans are built on excellent members, so if you're interested in joining and being active in game and discord then please: 1. Up vote this post 👍 & apply to clan here 2. Comment your PSN ID - Age - and a bit about why you're looking to join. 3. Join the Discord within 24 hours of joining the clan (it's compulsory!) 4. Be a member and not a lurker ☆☆☆☆☆

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