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Bearbeitet von Thy Maker: 9/30/2020 3:58:15 PM

Bungie Reward Code not Generating

I have a code for the MMXX (2020) Moments of Triumph pin that I generated before September 21st alongside all of my other Bungie Rewards (Moments of Triumph shirt, Dungeon hoodie, Raid ring and Shadowkeep Artifact coins). I'm able to pull up all of the codes to purchase the rewards today except for the pin which is where I get the following message: [quote]We were unable to provide you a discount code. Refresh the page to try again.[/quote]I have tried refreshing the page, getting the new code that expires after November, using another device, and using another network, yet I am still unable to get the code for the pin. Is there anything you can do to fix this?

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