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Crucible sucks, we suck and advice to help you get better

Ever since the playlists updated I have been playing the worst teammates I have ever seen in my life. They can't for the life of them capture zones or win in firefights. They rush in to try and capture the zones but just end up failing and getting team shot and I haven't met one person in the crucible since that has gained a higher KDA than me post match. It's actually ridiculous. You probably won't like it, but it's true. The majority of players in Crucible are awful. People need to start improving their game a bit if they want to start having better matches so here are a few tips you can use so that you die less often: If you see two or more pings on the radar around the corner or behind a wall, DO. NOT. ENGAGE. You will be team shot to death. If you do find yourself surrounded, bail and find the quickest exit away so that you can regroup with your team mates. If you hear a super activate near you. RUN. Your guns will rarely help you win a firefight against a gunslinger or stormcaller unless you are absolutely confident that you can actually take on a full roaming super by yourself. Capping and holding at least two points at all times in control is the best way to gain points. Don't cap all three and switch spawns unless the opposing team is capping the first point you took. If you have a handcannon or some weapon that has little range, try not to peak lanes that have snipers aiming down them. If they are a good sniper they will hit and kill you. Avoid them and get closer to your guns intended range. Follow your teammates. Teamshotting is meta and a 2v1 is always better than a 1v1. If you have a fireteam you can communicate this more effectively and run in a group. These are just a few tips. I could go on, but for the sake of sanity please follow the advice. You will die less often.

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