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8/19/2020 4:56:51 PM

Any advice on how start a career in game development

I’m an 18 year old male who has recently just graduated from high school and would like some advice on how to approach the next stage of my life. Since I was 12 I have been playing destiny and over the course of time I’ve became a die hard fan of the franchise. My interests in things such as sandbox and gameplay design has only increased as this franchise continues to grow. All that being said I still know relatively nothing in the grand scope of things and would greatly appreciate some advice. Regarding the following. What degree(s) should I be pursuing Can I get a better description for the following job titles- Economy design and Gameplay design Note- I listed these 2 as they interest me most but will take any information regarding any job titles even ones not available at Bungie. I completely understand that my dreams and aspirations might seem a a little unrealistic as I’m an 18 year old talking about wanting to work for a massive independent developer but that’s why I’m posting this. It’s not uncommon to find people who hate their job but have no choice but to roll with the punches in order to get by and that is a situation I would like to avoid. As it stands right now I’m nothing more than a passionate gamer who has goals of much grander and would very much appreciate any feedback and advice regarding where to take this next stage of my life.

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