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8/19/2020 9:36:03 AM

Take it with a grain of salt, this is not working!

I have been with destiny for 5 years and honestly im disgusted by there approach with cheating in destiny please forgive me for the ranting i'm about to do. Honestly they are just adding content instead of placing security measures for destiny 2. Even when the people where complaining about cheaters in trials instead of adding security measures to prevent cheating they just add a mercy card. Like "hey i hear ya, feels bad man, but here have mercy card and while you're at it go try out this new aimbot at Perfectaim!". I honestly am starting to believe that with no actual approach or sign of anything being done to keep the player base secure bungie must be working with Perfectaim to practically abandoned there player base this way. "we are listening" doesn't cut it anymore I want proof im being heard and I'm sure not the only one. Cheating in destiny has become far worse season after season public events are unplayable and now they're going on game pass adding 3 new expansions plus a subclass meanwhile the cheating issue still exist. even with new DLCs, new subclasses, what's the point if if its only going to get infested by cheaters. I seen enough to realize that bungie is just becoming the gaming industry they pulled away. No actions to stop cheaters just new content and new error codes. I put money in games who looks out community not abandons them likes trash! this is inexcusable! When bungie announced they were going f2p that sounded both interesting and concerning then when they said they were aslo adding on to PC that is when the red flag when up. Bungie fresh out on there own going free to play and at the same time going to PC. Don't get me wrong I enjoy PC gaming as much as console but I'm no fool not to notice a dumb call when i see it. If bungie would have waited til they got there footing making sure that proper security was added alongside with adding funding to split both servers (pc and console connection) this probably would not be a problem. Plus I doubt bungie put it into mind that YOU CAN'T SEE A STEAM PROFILE ON CONSOLE AND CONSOLE CAN'T SEE A STEAM PROFILE. Even when was up and the game having some issues you still can't see a profile. plus with nerfing weapons on PC it affects console as well! Who in the bright mind thought that was going to work. And while we are talking about inputs who bright idea was to mix PC and console in crucible in the first place. Have we learned nothing from the past. Halo even tried this and they are Are also a part OF BUNGIE! And finally the loot system. Oh boy the loot system. It literally a joke! bungie who among your Dev team thought that adding a loot chest at the end of missions was A GOOD IDEA! Loot chest on open maps can be easily hacked since they are added as a Object not to mention can flung around the map. Also not sure if anyone realize this but the token system was changed because of this! Plus is still not patch! That cheat is still going around to this day. And has been going strong since the guy how used the cheat and got banned for it And don't make me laugh that so called ban hammer of yours. majority of those banned accts were burn accounts anyway. Seriously the "my dad own Microsoft" and the "the almighty bungie ban hammer" are at equal threat level which by the way is not gonna scare anyone. That all for my ranting on the subject now on ways for bungie to fix the issues. [b] PC and console need to be split.[/b] Yeah I know, I know no one likes hearing a broken record. But at least this way if a cheater was on a console or a PC this way it can at least be identified properly. (where the account was on and was it a aimbot,was third party software on, etc.)Plus this way if a player was a PC only player or console only player. this way players on that system can be easily shown up instead of having a steam user look up a player and see only a blank account. Also this way nerfs can be properly placed where they are needed as well as preventing them as unusable along with proper cheat detection. [b]Loot chest should replaced.[/b] Loot cheats exist however hard to be detectable in games with RNG systems. When adding a loot chest at the end of all game modes (public events strikes well etc.) You open a window for players to face lockouts. For example if a player completes a event they go to the chest expecting there work out paying off just to be faced with glimmer and materials. If you head to the tower and take a look by the drifter during season of the arrivals you notice that some players have moved there for some time in fact some just stay there some of these guys hanging out there are not there to drop off engrams but steal them from other players this is a common action done to basically for cheaters how just hate grinding as well as rather have a someone do it for them however the engrams are currently unfixable since bungie has no anti cheat system (bungie you can't bluff a pair of 2s to full house) however when loot was gathered in d1 at the end of pub events the loot popped up in inventory instead of in a box that you had to pray was not tampered with as well as in crucible! [b]perfectaim has got to go[/b] This site is what will this game destiny 2 has been falling apart because of cheating player base is dying because of cheating and this is where there they are getting them. Actions need to be done if not all the destiny 2 will go from half baked pvp and pve to plan up freezer burn crap. Anti cheat system are ways to protect your player base from literally facing screw this i'm gonna find something else and you guys know damn well that the current anti cheat system is not working, plus these so called banned players who have been hit with the hammer why does no one knows who banned? This is honestly how to lose trust of players and even future players a anti cheat should be added and a "wall of shame" to punish the players who basically destroyed the fun of other's for there own amusement. [b]Lastly the paywall needs to return,[/b] A paywall blocks burn accounts but also gives Dev's not only a boost in revenue but also leaves a serial number. let's say a player gets banned, instead of stopping and realizing he or she got caught and changing they open up a 2nd account and they are back at it again. But if you ban both the player and the serial number to there game, you force them to have to go out of pocket to get a new copy however they would not be able to since both pc and console when a game is purchased it is registered on that device which will mean they will have to go through multiple procedures to get back in the game if they want to hack again. plus this way funding can be used to add new content as well as new seasons along with making sure destiny 2 not only does not face content drought but gives protection for players to enjoy destiny 2 and all it has to offer instead of it being playable for only hacker. don't be afraid to place a ward of dawn over community trust me I'm sure they will Be thankful. This is mainly the problems is both seen and wittiness I don't expect anything from this being heard or dealt with and i mostly likely will be criticized for being a "angry player ranting in forums" but with everything going there is sign of haven the only reason I even have a thought of destiny is only because i hope they will change "we are listening" to at least "okay here is what we we have so far and this we what is to be expected to change" i know why cheating is a hard topic to discuss but leaving people in the dark for this long is not right. But something got to give or else to tower will not be the only collapse. Besides we all got to let off some steam every now and then. We may be Champions of the light but in the real world we are all human beings. That is all for me, -EpicPixelz

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