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Trials of Osiris - Population statistics (still really bad) plus an idea on how to change matchmaking to get more players involved (not mine but still good)

Here are the population numbers from Destiny Trials Report: Week 1 - 380k players. Week 2 - 340k players (-10% from launch). Week 3 - 300k players (-20% from launch). Week 4 - 278k players (-27% from launch). Week 5 - 235k players (-38% from launch). Week 6 - 245k players (-37% from launch). Week 7 - 205k players (-47% from launch). Week 8 - 189k players ( -50% from launch). Week 9 - 171K players ( -55% from launch) Week 10 - 146k players (- 62% from launch) Week 11 - 164k players (-57% from launch) Week 12 - 166k players (-57% from launch) Week 13 - 179k players (-53% from launch) Season of Arrivals Week 1 - 25k for Friday then canceled by Bungie Week 2 - 132k players (-66% from launch) Week 3- 124k players (-68% from launch) Week 4 - 140k players (-64% from launch) Week 5 - 181k players (-53% from launch) Week 6 - 153k players (-60% from launch) Week 7 - 165k players (-57% from launch) Population still bad, and at this point it’s okay if Bungie feels bad because there doesn’t seem to be any priority on improving the mode. They also aren’t showing any priority on anti-cheat, or anti-paid recoveries/carries which destroy the integrity of the mode. They seem content to let it rot. I think that sucks because it’s an event that could be really good for the game. - [b][u]FEEDBACK[/u][/b]- In a thread about adjusting the matchmaking to have a separate pool for flawless players (not a perfect solution, but maybe a helpful one) another user named Corsair Badger suggested this system: [quote]It needs to track on your account, like in the Triumphs for Trials wins and flawless runs. That's how you separate tiers. My suggestion. 0 wins - [i]Tier 7[/i] 14 Wins - [i]Tier 6[/i] 28+ Wins - [i]Tier 5[/i] 1 Flawless - [i]Tier 4[/i] 3 Flawless - [i]Tier 3[/i] 5 Flawless - [i]Tier 2[/i] 7+ Flawless - [i]Tier 1[/i] It doesn't solve the issues of people using burner accounts. For legitimate players however, it's account tracked and not card tracked meaning that people new to Trials will always match against people who are also new, and so on throughout the Tiers. It would have to track to the highest scored person in the Fireteam to stop carries. Or to still allow carries, they have to go straight into the +7 Flawless Tier 1 matches because the Sherpa is multi-flawless. Obviously the card still matches your games for you, but if you're on win 3 (and only have won 3 games on your account), you'll be playing against someone else who has likely had less than 14 wins (and no Flawless runs) so it's a fairer match and you're definitely not going to match against anyone who has gone Flawless multiple times. If you're sandbagging and not going Flawless on purpose, you'll get put into Tier 5 in the 28+ wins category to play against other weapon farmers. I know Trials isn't for casuals, but it does need to be more inviting to all players, including casuals. Casuals at best could get 1 Flawless because as soon as they go up to Tier 4, they're playing against other Flawless teams with 1 or 2 Flawless runs making it much harder. If they manage 3 Flawless runs, then they're now in Tier 3 and so on. This way everyone can have a go at Trials and not get stomped instantly. It's a solid strategy.[/quote] I think that’s a really solid strategy and a pretty well thought out suggestion. Edit: If you stopped reading at 7 tiers and want to talk about it, please read the whole thing first. Also the suggested system is a weekly ecosystem not a permanent one.

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