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7/26/2020 3:24:30 AM

There really isn't any point playing comp right now.

Mountaintop has absolutely ruined Trials (along with the cheaters.) You can't go into a match usually without seeing at least one person using that crutch. If you are on a team that goes up on the oppon, what do you think occurs? The other team has one or two players switch to the mountaintop. Playas that suck can use that crutch noob tube and all the sudden dominant. Played a team the other day using an exotic for hunter (forget the exact name) but all 3 opponents used this exotic that has double dodge for reload and used mountaintop. They were playing us for a flawless match and were horrible players. They only got that far using mountaintop. Comp is the same way. Full of mountaintops. It's to the point where I can't play it. I used to play a ton of Crucible and I only played a little th last few weeks cause it's pointless to play when is pretty much turned into a variation of Mayhem.

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