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7/10/2020 5:31:16 PM

A suggestion for Finishers...

They can be incredibly fun and with the addition of all these unique mods I'd like to share that fun in the occasional sweaty crucible match. I dont know what it will take for this to happen but can we please get Finishers in Crucible? I dont ever want a daily bounty for them, I just feel like now D2 is at a balanced enough spot to try it out, it would be like free advertising for Eververse 🙂 You can make it so the Special Finisher and Heavy Finisher mods dont work while you find a balance for them (something similar has been done with Telesto in the past lol). My suggestion would be to add a stat penalty for those specific mods that would have a risk v. reward tradeoff in Crucible, like a timer to use the heavy ammo they just got from a Finisher, -10 Resilience or -20 Resilience? Maybe limit the amount of ammo generated in Crucible for those 2 specific mods for the player and their allies so teams cant abuse it and control other player's experiences. Let me know what you think!

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