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7/8/2020 12:05:57 AM

Player invisibility?

So i was doing the contact public event on titan while i completed some patrols for the new weekly bounty that sloane gave me. I then finished the patrols and went to sinking docks to get hive kills. When i got there, a weird glitch happened i also found the cause (i think). The glitch was that all the enemys almost never gave me anything when they died, they acted as if they didnt see me, and they died twice, and any damage done by me using guns was erased unless it killed them. At first i thought it was lag but i checked my connection meter next to my name and it was full. I left the area then went back in several times and the same thing happened. The possible cause was the fact that i somehow still had a mote from the contact public event. Upon dieing and losing the mote, everything went back to normal.

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