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7/6/2020 9:48:15 PM

Zero Hour as a 1020

A couple months back you could jump into the heroic version of the outbreak perfected mission "Zero Hour" and as long as you were higher light than 750 (its recommended light) you could melt everything in there including the boss.(which makes sense since im 300 light above the requirement) The enemies still did substantial damage to you but as long as you hit them first it was a non issue and I still needed my catalyst completed so this made running it solo infinitely easier. During this time I got tired of the game because of the state it was in a couple months ago but ive picked it back up recently and decided to keep farming my catalyst only to find out that they "fixed" the mission and now despite me being 1020 power in a 750 power activity all the enemies have scaled up to my light. Are you -blam!-ing kidding me?? And then they wonder why people afk farmed the forges. These people will launch content half baked and listen to thousands of players complain daily about something actually broken in the game for months before they get to a fix but OH NO people who are 300 light above the requirement are HAVING FUN?! and RELAXING?! playing old content?!.....* bungie devs literally sprint to the office for a quick patch.* what a joke

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