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6/22/2020 10:08:28 PM

No credit/progress awarded towards bounty progression

I picked up the Crucible bounties for "Into the Light", "Standard Fare", and "Coordinated Fire" before entering a Control match. I have linked the post game report of the match. I absolutely completed the conditions for 2 of the 3 bounties, and likely completed the third. I most definitely defeated 5 opponents with my kinetic, yet the progress shows zero. I defeated two opponents with my super, yet the progress shows zero. I'm not sure how many assists I performed, but I know there was a least a few, and yet the progress shows zero. I was in the match from start to finish. It is wholly unacceptable in a primarily bounty-driven upgrade/xp system to award no progress for bounties. I would appreciate an explanation as to how/why this happened.

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