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[BNG] Controller remapping bugs

We are currently investigating various issues related to controller remapping. Below are a list of known issues the team is currently investigating: • [b]Sprinting[/b] will cancel if players press the Sprint action again • The threshold for [b]analog-based inputs[/b], such as Weapon Fire or ADS, is less forgiving and requires more pressure on press • [b]Stormtrance[/b] cannot be used if Attack inputs are held during the cast animation – players must release the input and press again • Pressing A/X no longer [b]dismounts from Sparrow[/b] while using the Jumper control scheme – the dismount action is now X/Square • [b]Controller trigger stops[/b] can’t fire certain weapons reliably after Update 2.9.0 • [b]Double-tapping a button[/b] for the Hunter's Dodge and the Warlock’s Icarus Dash doesn't always work A fix for the Sprint canceling bug is planned for Hotfix during the week of June 15. We are targeting fixes for the rest of the controller mapping bugs with an additional Hotfix during the week of June 22. Please note that these fixes may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances.

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