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6/8/2020 7:02:50 PM

EDZ Legendary Lost Sector Didn't Change today! Needed it for Almighty Title! :(

I know i had all season to do it but all i needed where today's (June, 8th) rotation of legendary lost sectors to get the almighty title. However when i logged in and cleared my bunkers the EDZ Legendary Lost Sector did not rotate with the others and instead remained The Quarry, the same as yesterday's one. This was all i needed to get the almighty title and nowhere was it posted that the edz lost sector would nor rotate! I am quite upset at this as it has cost me the last week of work to get the Almighty Title all because of this one lost sector! Please Bungie either patch in the correct lost sector for today (Scavengers Den), give us the option to select Either Scavengers Den or Quarry today, or count today run as a Scavengers Den completion! As i said i am aware that i had all season to do this one lost sector but life happens and i simply didn't have to time until recently and i was counting on the daily rotation while grinding for the title! Im very disappointed and hopefully you have a way of remedying this! Thanks

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