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Bearbeitet von DarknessImperia: 6/1/2020 1:26:24 AM

Attunement of Chaos Rework Ideas

Hello! These are some ideas to rework the Voidwalker’s Attunement of Chaos skill tree. These changes are being thought of while keeping in mind what the “job” of the Warlock is (well, should be). Warlocks are glass cannons. Slow and weak, but hit like a truck in a large area. We are ability focused with faster ability regen than the other two classes. At least, these are what we are supposed to be. Right now we are more like glass without the cannon. The Attunement of Chaos is flawed down to the roots of the Voidwalker. What about its super you ask? Yeah it does good damage and has a good AoE, but that’s if you actually manage to hit what you intended to hit in the due to the Bomb being pulled in some random direction to a wayward thrall or if the Nova Bomb can even travel fast enough to get to it. Just last week an Ogre outran my Nova Bomb. Like bruh lol. Anyways, please keep in mind that I’m going for glass cannon CHAOS! Here we go!! Melee Augment: Soul Rupture The Warlock’s melee throws out a fast moving Void projectile in a straight line and possibly VERY slight tracking (think something similar looking to Soul Arrow in Dark Souls) that pierces the enemy and keeps traveling to possibly hit more enemies. -Damage increases with each enemy pierced by Abyssal breach, similarly Nekros’s Soul Punch in Warframe. (I don’t know where it would cap) -perhaps the effect would get a bit bigger with each enemy hit. -Each melee kill will grant grenade ability energy. Grenade Augment: Chaos Accelerant This ability works fine with Vortex Grenades but is kinda terrible on the other two. Perhaps charging up the Axion bolt instead throws out the four bolts from your hand rather than throwing it and it having to find a tracking area. Maybe scatter grenade loses its tracking and instead gets a larger AoE with lots more and larger scatter bolts. It’s nothing like the Nothing Manacles in its current state. The main problem is that scatter grenade has the bouncing bug, axiom bolts will not always actually track anything, and BASE vortex grade doesn’t do great damage. The charged Vortex is the only decent one right now. -Charge time remains the same -No longer penalized the player by stopping super ability regeneration while charging and holding. You’re not killing anything while locked in the animation anyways, so what’s the point of stopping super regen? The price for the power is already in the long ass charge time lmao. -Grenade kills grant melee ability energy Passive Ability: Blooming Garden Enemies killed by Void abilities explode, dealing AoE damage and possibly killing nearby enemies. -Damage and AoE comparable to the Sentinel Titan’s avoid Detonators -Bloom now counts as a void ability kill, and enemies killed by bloom will also explode -Killing enemies with Bloom grants a bit of extra super ability energy Super Augment: Cataclysm This is the big one! Nova Bomb loses its tracking, the ability to detonate it early by shooting it, and it’s whole slow moving effect and gets a rework to the shattering effect at the end. -Shatter is now part of Nova Bomb. Hurl forth three nova bombs that will detonate on impact (exactly like in D1). -After the initial explosions, enemies are met with a carpet bombing in the form of many scatter projectiles per bomb that have light tracking capabilities. Think a bunch of smaller, faster versions of what we have now but will not be able to travel nearly as far and will explode after traveling a couple of meters. Like a better version of what you get from Graviton Lance! The big bomb and the cleanup. Please note, enemies killed by this will also Bloom. The point of this is to give top tree a wider AoE to aid in the mass destruction of our enemies. Remember though, you can always use that camera flicking trick if you want some hilarious single target focused damage or flick in the opposite direction for an even wider AoE! Does this sound OP? Totally, but that’s what I’m going for! Glass cannons for the win! Tbh, I couldn’t see this even being super crazy in crucible. It would be funny to see a double kill with a melee though, and you can get that with other classes even right now! Not too far fetched in crucible, and super powerful in PvE as a Warlock subclass tree SHOULD be. :)

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