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[b]Dear Bungie [/b] You Stated to be balancing based on 30 days prior, [b]But[/b] Based on the posted chart of class participation: [quote]Day 2 --------------- [b]Hunters[/b] hit [b]0%[/b] from their average? [b]Titans[/b] are [b]1.9+[/b][/quote] [quote]For 2 Days------------ [b] Titans[/b] remain [b]~+1.5x%[/b] the change of what [b]Hunters[/b] chage[/quote] [quote]For 2 More days------- [b]Titans [/b]change [b]~+0.5x%[/b] for every point[b] Hunters [/b]change[/quote] [quote]For the last day, and I presume the one after? [b]Titans [/b]change [b]+~0.25x%[/b] for what [b]Hunters [/b]change.[/quote] [b]1.5 > .5 > .25 [/b] This all points to a sliding scale, not just a simple normalization. [b]Through that whole process Titans basically remained ~1.9%+ whatever Hunters were in the negative. [/b] [quote][b] EXCEPT[/b] [b]On the day where they both pass 20% difference[/b], then it [b]IMMEDIATELY[/b] drops to[b] 0.1%[/b] [b]Nothing about that seems natural.[/b] [/quote] [quote]It looks [b]very much[/b] like a [b]parabolic curve.[/b][/quote] [b]Can You Please Explain Why This Is Happening So Uniformly?[/b]

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